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Breakfast served until 1pm daily

The Koffee Kove is celebrating 47 years

We are OPEN nearly everyday… except when we aren’t



Served with choice of toast and REAL butter

7.00The Basic Cheese

American, Swiss, provolone or Cheddar


Broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers & onions held together with cheese

7.40*Polly's Pick

Grilled mushrooms with cheese & garlic

9.00Chili & Cheese

Cooked right inside

8.90*Ham, Cheese & Broccoli

Just like it sounds

12.00Chef's Choice

Or "garbage" if you remember the "Old Harbor" ham, sausage, bacon, spuds, onions, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms & cheese. Garlic?

10.00Philly Cheese Steak

Grilled beef, cheese, peppers & onions … garlic?

Or Make it Special

add broccoli,spinach,mushrooms,tomatoes,peppers or onions .40 each or add ham,sausage or bacon 1.50 each

Cackle Berries and Stuff

10.00*2 Eggs

with choice of bacon, ham, sausage (chicken or pork) patties or pork links with toast

13.00*Steak & 2 Eggs

Choice Flat Iron Steak with toast & home fries

10.00Corned Beef Hash & Eggs

Grilled with toast

5.00French Toast (3)

with syrup & butter | On homemade bread 5.99 | REAL SYRUP AVAILABLE 1.00

12.00Stuffed French Toast

Ham & Cheese 4 slices on homemade bread w/ ham & cheese | ½ order 6.29

6.00Pancakes (3)


6.00Silver Dollars


6.00Chocolate Chip Cakes (2)

Like 2 BIG cookies

6.00Blueberry Cakes (2)

6.00Strawberry Delights (2)

Smothered with warm strawberries

10.00Musky Meal

2 eggs, 2 bacon, sausage (chicken or pork), home fries and choice of pancake or French toast (no subs please)

8.00Breakfast Wrap

2 scrambled eggs with ham, peppers, onions & cheese in a soft shell

5.00Kove Muffin

Choice of bacon, ham, sausage..(chicken or pork) with a fried egg, topped with cheese on an English muffin

8.00Stop It!

Grilled beef, scrambled egg and cheese on toasted


Scrambled egg with cheese on a bagel


Ham & onion


Broccoli, spinach, peppers, onions, tomatoes and mushrooms


Mushrooms & garlic


Spinach & tomatoes


Or Shall I Say "Many Bennys". They Are All 2 Poached Eggs With Hollandaise Sauce On An English Muffin With Home Fries


(Sort of) Ham on this one


Peppers, onions, jalapenos & black olives


2 patties on the muffin


Grilled spinach & tomatoes


12.00*Crabby Patti

2 Real, handmade Crab cakes ..No muffin under this one … with the home fries …yum! the crab cakes are gluten free.. but the sauce and homefries are not

Options and Add Ons

Home Fries

With seasoning ... onions? 1.50/2.50

2.50Cold Cereal

With 2 % milk

2.50Hot Oatmeal

Would you like milk or brown sugar? | raisins or walnuts .50

5.00Breakfast Parfait

Yogurt, berries & granola

6.00French Toast Dippers (5)

3.00*Sliced Tomatoes

on lettuce


3.00* Jones Sausage

2 chicken or pork patties or 3 pork links

3.00*Grilled Ham

Always a favorite

5.00*Betty Breakfast

1 egg with 2 slices of bacon or 1 sausage patty & 1 slice of toast

More Decisions..

What kind of toast? We or I should say they… the precious people in the kitchen, make homemade bread: white or wheat

2.25homemade bread: white or wheat

2.50More Decisions..

gluten free bread or
Lenders Bagels, plain or raisin | Cream cheese .50 | We use only REAL butter.

2.25store bought bread

white, wheat or rye


2.00Coffee actually, Koffee 100% Colombian Reg

2.00Swiss Washed Decaf

2.00Milk 2 %

2.00Chocolate Milk

1.75Soft Drink

By the can


Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry

1.75Hot Chocolate


Regular, Decaf, Green or Herbal

Fresh Brewed Iced Tea or Cold Brew Coffee



Cranberry, Tomato, or Apple | 1.25/1.75/2.85