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Breakfast served until 1pm daily

The Koffee Kove is celebrating 48 years

We are OPEN nearly everyday… except when we aren’t


A la Carte

Chicken Tenders (4)6.00

Crispy strips of breaded breast fillet, farm to table, 100% all natural, hormone & steroid free

Mozzarella Sticks (5)5.00

Crispy cheese sticks with marinara sauce for dipping

Potato Skins (4)5.00

With bacon bits, sour cream and cheese


3 side gravy 0.50

Sweet ‘tater Fries4.00

Onion Rings4.00

"Real rings" with a beer batter


I sure do like a Good Salad… add Chicken | Salmon | Black bean | Garden burger | Turkey | Tuna 4

Crumbly bleu or feta add 0.60 cold boiled egg  1.50

Lori Salad6.00

Fresh spinach, chick peas & craisins

Garden Salad6.00

A blend of greens topped with lots of good stuff & chick peas

L’il Dinner Salad4.00

Baby garden


Chopped romaine, shredded parm, croutons

Chicken or Beef Taco10.00

A crispy shell filled with refried beans, chopped romaine, tomatoes, jalapenos & black olives topped with shredded cheese served with salsa & sour cream

Bleu Beef10.00

Grilled beef, crumbly bleu & walnuts on chopped romaine

NEW! Power Salad8.00

Shredded broccoli, cauliflower, kale, Brussel sprouts, carrots, cabbage, baby spinach, craisins, feta, almonds with an awesome Gravenstein apple vinegar from The 1000 Islands Cruet (next door)


Homemade Soup

Cup 3 | Bowl 4

Homemade Chili

Add cheese or onions 0.30

Cup 3 | Bowl 4

Homemade New England Clam Chowder with Bacon

Cup 3.50 | Bowl 5

Dinner Choices

Include 2 choices from "the other sides"

 Other Sides:  coleslaw | macaroni salad | apple sauce | hot veggie | mashed potato | fries | cottage cheese

Flat Iron Steak14.00

With garlic toast

Shrimp Golden Ale Battered … Real Shrimp!11.00


Battered Haddock fillet (deep fried) with homemade tartar

Liver and Onions11.00

Smothered with grilled onions


Baked & homemade, covered with sauce, garlic toast & dinner salad (no additional sides)

Grilled North West Salmon Fillet11.00

4 Piece Chicken14.00

It’s Back!


Coffee actually2.00

Koffee 100% Colombian reg or Swiss washed decaf

Cold Brewed Coffee

12 oz 2 | 20oz 3


2% or Chocolate

12 oz 2 | 20oz 3

Soft Drink1.75

By the can


Choc | Vanilla | Strawberry

Hot Chocolate2.00

Hot Tea1.50

Fresh Brewed Iced Tea

12oz 2 | 20oz 3


Slice Of HOMEMADE Pie4.00

Ala Mode5.00


Strawberry Shortcake4.00

Gifford's Hard Ice Cream3.00

Lots of new flavors!

With strawberries 4