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Breakfast served until 1pm daily

The Koffee Kove is celebrating 47 years

We are OPEN nearly everyday… except when we aren’t



Served with choice of toast and REAL butter

7.00The Basic Cheese

American, Swiss, provolone or Cheddar


Broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers & onions held together with cheese

7.40*Polly's Pick

Grilled mushrooms with cheese & garlic

9.00Chili & Cheese

Cooked right inside

8.90*Ham, Cheese & Broccoli

Just like it sounds

12.00Chef's Choice

Or "garbage" if you remember the "Old Harbor" ham, sausage, bacon, spuds, onions, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms & cheese. Garlic?

10.00Philly Cheese Steak

Grilled beef, cheese, peppers & onions … garlic?

Or Make it Special

add broccoli,spinach,mushrooms,tomatoes,peppers or onions .40 each or add ham,sausage or bacon 1.50 each

Cackle Berries and Stuff

10.00*2 Eggs

with choice of bacon, ham, sausage (chicken or pork) patties or pork links with toast

13.00*Steak & 2 Eggs

Choice Flat Iron Steak with toast & home fries

10.00Corned Beef Hash & Eggs

Grilled with toast

5.00French Toast (3)

with syrup & butter | On homemade bread 5.99 | REAL SYRUP AVAILABLE 1.00

12.00Stuffed French Toast

Ham & Cheese 4 slices on homemade bread w/ ham & cheese | ½ order 6.29

6.00Pancakes (3)


6.00Silver Dollars


6.00Chocolate Chip Cakes (2)

Like 2 BIG cookies

6.00Blueberry Cakes (2)

6.00Strawberry Delights (2)

Smothered with warm strawberries

10.00Musky Meal

2 eggs, 2 bacon, sausage (chicken or pork), home fries and choice of pancake or French toast (no subs please)

8.00Breakfast Wrap

2 scrambled eggs with ham, peppers, onions & cheese in a soft shell

5.00Kove Muffin

Choice of bacon, ham, sausage..(chicken or pork) with a fried egg, topped with cheese on an English muffin

8.00Stop It!

Grilled beef, scrambled egg and cheese on toasted


Scrambled egg with cheese on a bagel


Ham & onion


Broccoli, spinach, peppers, onions, tomatoes and mushrooms


Mushrooms & garlic


Spinach & tomatoes


Or Shall I Say "Many Bennys". They Are All 2 Poached Eggs With Hollandaise Sauce On An English Muffin With Home Fries


(Sort of) Ham on this one


Peppers, onions, jalapenos & black olives


2 patties on the muffin


Grilled spinach & tomatoes


12.00*Crabby Patti

2 Real, handmade Crab cakes ..No muffin under this one … with the home fries …yum! the crab cakes are gluten free.. but the sauce and homefries are not

Options and Add Ons

Home Fries

With seasoning ... onions? 1.50/2.50

2.50Cold Cereal

With 2 % milk

2.50Hot Oatmeal

Would you like milk or brown sugar? | raisins or walnuts .50

5.00Breakfast Parfait

Yogurt, berries & granola

6.00French Toast Dippers (5)

3.00*Sliced Tomatoes

on lettuce


3.00* Jones Sausage

2 chicken or pork patties or 3 pork links

3.00*Grilled Ham

Always a favorite

5.00*Betty Breakfast

1 egg with 2 slices of bacon or 1 sausage patty & 1 slice of toast

More Decisions..

What kind of toast? We or I should say they… the precious people in the kitchen, make homemade bread: white or wheat

2.25homemade bread: white or wheat

2.50More Decisions..

gluten free bread or
Lenders Bagels, plain or raisin | Cream cheese .50 | We use only REAL butter.

2.25store bought bread

white, wheat or rye


2.00Coffee actually, Koffee 100% Colombian Reg

2.00Swiss Washed Decaf

2.00Milk 2 %

2.00Chocolate Milk

1.75Soft Drink

By the can


Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry

1.75Hot Chocolate


Regular, Decaf, Green or Herbal

Fresh Brewed Iced Tea or Cold Brew Coffee



Cranberry, Tomato, or Apple | 1.25/1.75/2.85



Served with chips

Bread Choices: “store bought” roll | white | wheat | rye homemade... white or wheat…. Gluten Free add 0.50


We have the traditional corned beef or you can choose turkey or ham, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and Thousand Islands Dressing served on rye toast


Always a controversy, this one has chopped ham, onions & egg


White of course… with a little leaf lettuce

7.00Chicken Breast Fillet

Grilled, lettuce and tomato on a bun? Antibiotic, steroid, hormone free

4.00Hot Dog

Hofmann on a roll

7.00Chili Dog

Our homemade chili over a "Big Hofmann Dog"


A Big fillet on a roll with lemon and tartar on the side

8.00Turkey Deluxe

Turkey breast, lettuce, tomato, onion & banana peppers.. mayo or mustard?


Bacon, lettuce & tomato served on toast with mayo

8.00Ham & Swiss

With lettuce, tomato, onion & banana peppers… mayo or mustard

7.00Grilled North West Salmon Fillet

On a roll with lettuce & dill mayo

4.00Plain ol’ Grilled Cheese

American, Swiss, cheddar or provolone

4.00Egg Salad

Yup, like at Grammas

Club or Clubs

10.00Club or Clubs

On the lower deck a B.L.T. on the top deck your choice of turkey or ham

Grilled Sandwich Choices


Ham, Beef, Corned Beef, Turkey or Tuna with cheese

7.00Philly Steak

Grilled Beef topped with peppers, onions & cheese on a BIG roll

7.00Chicken Philly

Sliced chicken breast topped with peppers, onions & cheese


Your patience is appreciated..1/2 # burger takes time to cook




dress ’em up & take ‘em out (bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato & onion)

Make it special: add cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions or mushrooms 0.40 each or bleu cheese 0.60  bacon 1.50
Okay… something different…

6.00Turkey Burger

With lettuce, tomato

6.00Black Bean Burger

With lettuce, red onion

6.00Garden Burger

With lettuce, red onion

Clayton Platters

10.00BBQ & Fries

Ground beef barbecue on a roll, gravy on top & coleslaw inside

10.00Hot Beef with Fries & Side Slaw

Grilled beef covered with gravy on bread

10.00Hot Turkey with Fries

& cranberry grilled turkey covered with gravy on bread

11.00Hot Hamburger with Fries

covered with gravy side of slaw an ole Clayton favorite

Additional side of gravy 0.50


A la Carte

6.00Chicken Tenders (4)

Crispy strips of breaded breast fillet, farm to table, 100% all natural, hormone & steroid free

5.00Mozzarella Sticks (5)

Crispy cheese sticks with marinara sauce for dipping

5.00Potato Skins (4)

With bacon bits, sour cream and cheese


3 side gravy 0.50

4.00Sweet ‘tater Fries

4.00Onion Rings

"Real rings" with a beer batter


I sure do like a Good Salad… add Chicken | Salmon | Black bean | Garden burger | Turkey | Tuna 4

Crumbly bleu or feta add 0.60 cold boiled egg  1.50

6.00Lori Salad

Fresh spinach, chick peas & craisins

6.00Garden Salad

A blend of greens topped with lots of good stuff & chick peas

4.00L’il Dinner Salad

Baby garden


Chopped romaine, shredded parm, croutons

10.00Chicken or Beef Taco

A crispy shell filled with refried beans, chopped romaine, tomatoes, jalapenos & black olives topped with shredded cheese served with salsa & sour cream

10.00Bleu Beef

Grilled beef, crumbly bleu & walnuts on chopped romaine

8.00NEW! Power Salad

Shredded broccoli, cauliflower, kale, Brussel sprouts, carrots, cabbage, baby spinach, craisins, feta, almonds with an awesome Gravenstein apple vinegar from The 1000 Islands Cruet (next door)


Homemade Soup

Cup 3 | Bowl 4

Homemade Chili

Add cheese or onions 0.30

Cup 3 | Bowl 4

Homemade New England Clam Chowder with Bacon

Cup 3.50 | Bowl 5

Dinner Choices

Include 2 choices from "the other sides"

 Other Sides:  coleslaw | macaroni salad | apple sauce | hot veggie | mashed potato | fries | cottage cheese

14.00Flat Iron Steak

With garlic toast

11.00Shrimp Golden Ale Battered … Real Shrimp!


Battered Haddock fillet (deep fried) with homemade tartar

11.00Liver and Onions

Smothered with grilled onions


Baked & homemade, covered with sauce, garlic toast & dinner salad (no additional sides)

11.00Grilled North West Salmon Fillet

14.004 Piece Chicken

It’s Back!


2.00Coffee actually

Koffee 100% Colombian reg or Swiss washed decaf

Cold Brewed Coffee

12 oz 2 | 20oz 3


2% or Chocolate

12 oz 2 | 20oz 3

1.75Soft Drink

By the can


Choc | Vanilla | Strawberry

2.00Hot Chocolate

1.50Hot Tea

Fresh Brewed Iced Tea

12oz 2 | 20oz 3


4.00Slice Of HOMEMADE Pie

5.00Ala Mode


4.00Strawberry Shortcake

3.00Gifford's Hard Ice Cream

Lots of new flavors!

With strawberries 4