Outside View of Koffee Kove Restaurant

Our Story

Not really a "Koffee Kove" story,more like a "Clayton" story...

My Dad came to town from South Dakota after serving as an MP at Pine Camp. He met and married the prettiest girl in Clayton. After three kids, many years of construction work, traveling and getting laid off they decided to open a small sandwich shop. That was what my Mom wanted. Dad cooked and Mom waited with the help of lots of family and friends. There are so many great memories in the Kove, maybe you have your own but the best memories for me have been the customers/ characters. Most small villages have some people and a couple of characters… Clayton has characters and a few others. That’s what makes it so great! If you have a favorite story please share them with me. It is a privilege for me to be a part of your lives.

Thank you,