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Our Ingredients

Our Coffee

The Citavo Story

Legends are created when people share their pride and admiration for things above and beyond expectations.

In a colorfully exotic region of the world where coffee beans are harvested with pride, there is an unmatched passion for coffee and the legend of CITAVO® was born! This is where only the best beans are grown and selected for CITAVO. Consistently packed in every case is the finest quality coffee in the world roasted with pride that you can count on cup after cup.

CITAVO coffee beans come from exotic growing regions where farmers have a distinct passion for coffee. That passion is reflected in each of our fine coffee blends. From traditional to premium gourmet, our three-tier selections can help you capitalize on the continued demand for coffee while satisfying your exact needs.

Traditional Roast – 100% Colombian beans roasted to a deeper color than our traditional roast, resulting in a medium-to-full bodied flavor and rich, smooth aroma. Roast Meter 5

Gluten Free Options

*This is not a gluten free facility. We don’t have separate fryers, grills or toasters. We will work with those that are intolerant as best as we can*
Gluten Free options:

Jones Sausages: Chicken Patties &
pork links and patties 

GF bread 



4 oz  Alantic Salmon Fillet

Perdue Oven Roasted Turkey breast
 Fresh 8oz Ground Beef Burger

Turkey burger


Flat Iron Steak

Liver & onions

soup bases: beef, chicken & vegetable
Gifford Ice Cream: Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry

just to name a few.... lots of flavors available !